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Tokachi River Ice’ also known as ‘Jewel Ice’, a phenomenon at the mouth of the Tokachi River, Hokkaido, Japan
Photo via science alert

In winter the Tokachi River’s fresh water freezes. Ice breaks away and returns tumbled and polished by ocean waves. The ice has a translucence unique to the Tokachi – a glowing diffusion that moves beyond precise definition.


Nobuhiro Nakanishi,  ‘Layered Drawing’ series, laser prints on acrylic sheets, 2016
Layered translucent photographs display a dreamlike vision of scenery subtly changing with passing time.
Photo via nobuhironakanishi


Architect He Wei, ‘Papa’s Hostel‘ renovated with polycarbonate panels, Pingtian, China
Translucent wheeled rooms create flexible airiness within traditional framework of local architecture.
Photo via dezeen


Italian Pavilion‘, Expo Shanghai 2010, Shanghai, China
Concrete containing optical fibers brings translucence to the solidity of the Italian pavilion.
Photo via heidelbergcement


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