Motion and Reflection

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Junya Ishigami, ‘Cuboid Balloon‘, aluminum and helium, Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo, Japan, 2007
Photo via thefoxisblack

Visual distortions offered by movement and the reflective surface of the trapezoidal 3-story ‘Cuboid Balloon’ make a light-hearted interplay that softens the geometry and solidity of the containing architecture. The effect of the seemingly solid volume floating about in the rigid enclosure is quite magical.


David Cerny, ‘Head of Franz Kafka’, stainless steel and customized motor system, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014
Photo via bomemiansymphony

Located in a busy shopping center in Prague, this twisting and reflective sculpture depicting the head of writer Franz Kafka . . . brilliantly reveals Kafka’s tortured personality and unrelenting self doubt that plagued him his entire life.”  The kinetic sculpture is 11 meters tall, weighs 39 tons and is comprised of 42 rotating reflective layers.


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