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Bent may be described as being “altered from an originally straight or even condition“. Perhaps warped, misshapen, distorted or out of shape. Or maybe not showing things as they are. The thing that is bent moves visually from having a static or predictable or familiar form into the tension and interest of something not being as expected.


Paul Gees, wood, stone and steel sculpture, circa 2008
Pure simplicity of repetitive form dramatized by being bent.
Photo via galerievandenberge


Aydin Büyüktas, ‘Flatland’, “18-20 aerial drone shots” digitally warped and collaged, 2016
Inspired by Edwin Abbott’s 100 year-old book ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions’
Photo via thisiscolossal


Google Earth’s distortion glitch, Deception Pass bridge, WA
Photo via visualnews


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