Iridescence 1

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  Occurrence of iridescence in nature has inspired artists and architects to mimic the phenomenon with playful and entertaining works using man-made iridescent materials, at times cleverly enhanced by customized lighting. As angles of light change, disturbed refraction or interference of … Read More


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  Roman Signer’s creative, entertaining and sometimes deceptively simple ‘time-sculptures’ and installations employ skillfully applied aspects of engineering and the visual arts – photography, video, sculpture, installation and pyrotechnics. “Signer generates a poetics whose tones range from the melancholy to the … Read More


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  Fluorescence is scientifically defined as “The giving off of light by a substance when it is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, such as [ultraviolet light] . . . as long as electromagnetic radiation continues to bombard the substance.” In terms of the … Read More


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  In winter the Tokachi River’s fresh water freezes. Ice breaks away and returns tumbled and polished by ocean waves. The ice has a translucence unique to the Tokachi – a glowing diffusion that moves beyond precise definition.     … Read More