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  The Danxia landform is located 600 miles west of Shanghai. Over millions of years, horizontal layers of sand and silt were formed and uplifted into their current sandstone state by shifts in tectonic plates. Oxidization of iron and other … Read More

LEGO Simplified

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  In 2004 LEGO ‚Äúdecided to remove almost half the pieces from the LEGO catalogue, forcing designers to return to a simple approach to product innovation. The designers were also given clear instructions to reduce the confusion that had been … Read More

Salt as Medium

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  Using salt as a medium, Yamamoto has meticulously sculpted an exquisite salt installation. It is one of many installations from the ‘Labyrinth Series’. Many of Yamamoto’s works resemble labyrinths or medical imagery of the brain.   ‘Detritus’, is a … Read More

Ice as Medium

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  Jim Denevan and team created a nine square mile ‘ice drawing’ described as a “brilliant pattern . . . Russian pilots who initially refused to do a second pass of the project gave in after seeing how beautiful it … Read More