Emitted Light

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  The atom-thick graphene layer in the image is in the hard-to-believe one billionth of a meter range. The exceptional conductivity and strength of light emitted at the atomic level of graphene has played a significant role in light amplification in LEDs and fiber … Read More

Visible Spectrum

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  A prism’s display can go beyond startling and gain a mesmerizing even searing presence in refracting colors of the visual spectrum. Artists have represented and reinterpreted the spectrum in ways that are amazing in concept and coherence of execution. … Read More

Illusion and Wit

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The trickery and wit of illusion – a source of continuing delight. The Oxford dictionary defines illusion as “an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience”.  Even when recognized as a ‘misinterpreted’, it is enticing to participate … Read More