Through the Microscope

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  The electron microscope introduced me to the amazing world of Australia’s stored grain pests. Extreme magnification revealed each insect’s unique form and detail allowing the pest to thrive on a specific grain. Drawing through the microscope produced a large … Read More

Minding the Gap

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  Introduced in 1969 in UK’s London Underground, “‘Mind the gap’ is an audible or visual warning phrase issued to rail passengers to take caution while crossing the. . . spatial gap between the train door and the station platform. It is today … Read More

Simplicity of Line

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  With concept reduced to linear simplicity, attention is captured. A night photo of Jetelovà’s ‘Iceland Project’ lifts a fiber optic line into a simplified 3-dimensional description of rugged terrain. Fontana’s ‘Concetto Spaziale’ focuses attention on the disturbance of lines slashed … Read More

Natural Forces

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  Many of today’s architects and engineers are dedicated to innovation minimizing the destructive power of natural forces associated with typhoon-level winds, earthquakes and tsunamis. Contemporary solutions present an undeniable beauty reflecting the dynamics underlying potentially devastating forces.   The … Read More


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  Bent may be described as being “altered from an originally straight or even condition“. Perhaps warped, misshapen, distorted or out of shape. Or maybe not showing things as they are. The thing that is bent moves visually from having … Read More


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  The Danxia landform is located 600 miles west of Shanghai. Over millions of years, horizontal layers of sand and silt were formed and uplifted into their current sandstone state by shifts in tectonic plates. Oxidization of iron and other … Read More


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  The conceptually extravagant megastructure called ‘Sity’ is a design proposal for the city of Shanghai – likened to a gigantic dragon coiling its way through the city. At times the structure reaches 60 stories in height as it loops its way … Read More

Illusion and Wit

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The trickery and wit of illusion – a source of continuing delight. The Oxford dictionary defines illusion as “an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience”.  Even when recognized as a ‘misinterpreted’, it is enticing to participate … Read More