Visible Spectrum

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NASA, ‘Prism Spectrum’
Photo via NASA Earth Observatory

A prism’s display, startling, mesmerizing, even searing in its display of the visual spectrum – and artists have used the phenomenon in ways that are amazing in concept and execution.


Peter Erskine, ‘Rainbow Sundial’, 2000
Photo via Erskine Solar Art

Erskine describes his solar powered prismatic spectrum: “. . . lines . . . mark the hours, months, solstices and equinoxes with astronomical accuracy. A 30’ x 30’ moving cross of spectrum sunlight, powered by the rotation and tilt of the Earth tells the time and date. On cloudy days a laser pointer driven by a solar tracking program fills in for the rainbow.”


Emmanuelle Moureaux, ‘100 Colors’, 2015
Photo via Watson Festival

With simplicity, and tradition, Tokyo architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has selected a vivacious range of 100 hues creating an eye-popping spectacle of colored paper sheets structured in layers and floating in space.


Gabriel Dawe, ‘Plexus 35’, 2016
Photo via COLOSSAL

Gabriel Dawe’s installation, often referred to as the man-made rainbow, uses lengths of colored thread radiating and reflecting blended hues. A diaphanous rainbow is described giving the feeling of having crept in from the windows above.


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