Emitted Light

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Graphene Light – atomic level strength of light emission
Photo via phys org

The atom-thick graphene layer in the image is in the hard-to-believe one billionth of a meter range. The exceptional conductivity and strength of light emitted at the atomic level of graphene has played a significant role in light amplification in LEDs and fiber optics. Light as a medium in the visual arts has undergone extraordinary developments in recent years. Artists have responded by expressing ideas in innovative and powerful displays of emitted light.



Jim Campbell, ‘Blur’, LEDs, cast resin and custom electronics, 2017
Photo via brycewolkowitz



Luzinterruptus,’ Radioactive Encounter’, LEDs in hazmat suits, 2011



Carlo Bernardini, ‘Light Catalyst’, plexiglass and fiber optics, 2002
Photo via carlobernardini



Bruce Munro, ‘Field of Light’, solar powered LEDs and fiber optics, Uluru near Ayers Rock, Australia, 2016-2018
Photo via this is colossal


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