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Photo:  Roman Signer, ‘Wasserstiefel’, time-sculpture,
Weissbad, Switzerland, 1986.  Photo via anteism

Roman Signer’s creative, entertaining and sometimes deceptively simple ‘time-sculptures’ and installations employ skillfully applied aspects of engineering and the visual arts – photography, video, sculpture, installation and pyrotechnics. “Signer generates a poetics whose tones range from the melancholy to the thrilling, from the charming to the violent, from the grave to the frankly, irresistibly silly


Ki Chul Kim, setting for ‘Sound Looking Rain’ at the California Institute of the Arts,
Los Angeles, CA, 2007.  Photo via transition-turbulence

Ki Chul Kim’s sound installations investigate “the nature of perception and representation in relation to the Buddhist concept of emptiness . . . [inducing] us to float between the opposing forms of sight and sound. Kim also references a formal minimalism as we experience the shifting relationships between sound, speakers, the gallery space and our bodies.


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