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‘Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park’, Gansu Province, China
Photo via ifly50

The Danxia landform is located 600 miles west of Shanghai. Over millions of years, horizontal layers of sand and silt were formed and uplifted into their current sandstone state by shifts in tectonic plates. Oxidization of iron and other minerals is responsible for the spectacular range of colors.


Charles Clary, ‘Layered’, cut paper embedded in drywall with wallpaper,  2016
Photo via freeyork

Carved layers of paper in bright hues contrast with the roughness of drywall and ripped wall paper. Clary’s conceptual thinking is related to the organic form of land formations and viral colonies and how they interact with and affect surfaces.


Layered paint chip from partially demolished Belmont Art Park graffiti property, Los Angeles, CA
Photo via genealogy

The magnified paint chip is “about 1 cm thick, and appears to consist of about 150-200 layers of paint“. The fate of the graffiti property was set in motion in 2004. Losing its edgy nature to residential development was lamented by artists and art enthusiasts “based on the fact that for two decades the yard’s walls . . . served as an unsanctioned gallery of West Coast graffiti art“.


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